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Money Habits Para sa Mas Masaganang 2024

December 19, 2023
Money Habits Para sa Mas Masaganang 2024

Alam mo bang may impact ang money habits sa iyong overall financial status? Hindi man madali pero posibleng magtaglay ng healthy mindset pagdating sa pera. Kaya naman, oras na para pag-isipan ang money habits na kaya mong simulan sa bagong taon

Maging realistic at simplehan ang financial habits para madali itong sundin. Heto ang ilang example na pwede mong isama sa iyong daily routine:

Create a money mantra 💰

Your new year should be guided with a personal financial goal. This could be a specific savings target, debt reduction milestone, or an investment objective. Having a money mantra gives your journey a meaningful purpose and empowers your commitment to build a more resilient financial future

Track expenses 📱

We couldn’t stress enough the importance of monitoring daily spending, including small purchases. The awareness it brings can help you identify areas where you can cut back without making significant adjustments. 

Identify spending limit 💸

You may treat your daily spending limit like a money challenge. Apart from ensuring you stick to your budget, this can prevent impulse buys and encourage more mindful spending. Don’t forget to include allowances for unexpected or emergency expenses.

Unsubscribe from promo emails ✉️

If you are often tempted to go online shopping, hit that unsubscribe button. Or consider unfollowing online retailers and social media influencers to minimize exposure to tempting offers especially during seasonal sales. 

Pack meals 🍱

Preparing your own meals instead of buying can save you money. As food prices are affected by inflation, this habit becomes even more valuable. It’s a little sacrifice that also allows you to have better control of the quality of your food.

Wait before you “add to cart” 🛒

When purchasing non-essential items, implement a “cooling-off” period. Since inflation is on the rise, prices may fluctuate. Your desire may actually fade away when you wait for a day or two, saving you money. 

Fun starts with DIY✂️

A lot of services may experience price hikes due to inflation. Making your own Spanish Latte, using FREE online resources, or creating your own workout routine at home can lead to long-term savings.  Do-it-Yourself activities not only benefit your wallet but nourishes your body and mind

Review subscriptions 📃

Regularly check your subscriptions services. Providers may adjust their subscription fees and being aware helps you make informed decisions. You may cancel or modify any that you rarely use or need

Money habits serve as your financial foundation. Consistently making positive choices in your daily routine can lead to an improved overall well-being, empowered financial decisions, increased savings, reduced debt, and a lot more. It doesn’t have to be complicated—small changes can lead to big results.