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Partnered with your employer

Linked with your salary

Finance your dream

SAVii empowers you to use your salary in the best way possible.
rates starting
from 0.5%
Flexible tenure of repayment up to 60 months
No prior credit score needed to apply

Apply for a loan in 10 mins

Hassle-free process with minimum documents.

Don’t wait to get your needs fulfilled

Get your loans approved and receive the amount in your account quickly!


applications approved within
24 hours


approved loans disbursed within
48 hours

Repayments linked with your salary

Repayments are auto debited from your salary, making it simple and effortless.
Auto debit ensures no penalties for late payment
Manage your expenses better
You set it up once, we take care of the rest
Saves you time & effort

Calculate your repayments

Your loan. Your control.

Loan Amount
Interest rate

SAVii offers

2% monthly
SAVii loans keep you financially healthy, despite the high 14% monthly interest rates from other providers
Loan Tenure
4 months
1 month
60 months
Interest Amount
Principal amount
SAVii provides best in market interest rates of less than 3.5%
Monthly repayments
Total interest

Calculations done here are subject to change based on your eligibility score. Your loan eligibility will determine the interest rate percentage

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"I’m thankful for this exclusive employee benefit. In these difficult times, free insurance benefits for a year is a big help for me as a mother of two and wife. "

Lalaine B. Ponio


Free insurance

“10/10 highly recommended. Very fast approval, minimum requirements needed, and they provide financial talks and recommendations that suit you better.”

Kathlyn Meru


Loan for bills payment

"I have been using SAVii during the pandemic up until today. Hassle-free and very convenient. The most reliable financing app that helps us when in need.”

Iris Angelie Penarejo

Golden Arches Development Corporation

Loan for home improvement

Frequently asked questions

How does SAVii decide if I am eligible for a loan?

SAVii supports over 100 Filipino employers with empowering financial solutions. If your employer is partnered with SAVii, create an account to see the amounts available for you to loan.

How does salary auto-debit work for repaying a loan?

Select your desired repayment amount during your loan application. The fixed amount gets deducted at source and you receive the rest of your salary on time. No need to worry about repayments or late fees.

How can I ensure that I take a loan that I can repay?

SAVii's mission is to financially empower you. We ensure you take home a healthy amount so that you can comfortably meet other monthly obligations.

Salary Advance

Make any day, pay day!
With SAVii you can access your salary within 24 hours at any time of the month!

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