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SAVii is on a mission to make your employees financially savvy

Savings and Deposit

Loans with low interest rate

Reduce your employees' stress during times of need by providing convenient, affordable and reliable financing

Free Insurance

Deliver added protection to your employees with free insurance and COVID coverage

Savings Account with high returns

Empower your employees to save and earn

And it doesn’t stop here

On-site Educational Engagement
Live Webinars
30+ Blogs

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Our employees are more financially secured

SAVii has provided our employees with flexible financial solutions through salary loans and salary advances and thus increasing their trust in us.

Am-phil Group
Our employees are more focused

When employees were not spending time worrying about their financial problems, it allowed them to focus on their jobs.

Our employees are more financially literate

They have provided our hardworking people with financial literacy webinars and mental wellness programs.


All this with a platform that is easy to set up

Employer portal

The Employer portal is where it all comes together. You can integrate, manage, analyze and grow!

Hassle-free Onboarding

It’s our responsibility to educate and onboard your employees and we take it very seriously.

Relationship manager

Our skilled relationship managers are focused in getting you your desired output and are always available to assist you.

Solutions for engagement

We offer you the engagement opportunities you have been looking for. Our educational interactions with your employees will support your goals

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92% of 14,600 employees surveyed say they feel more cared for by HR since they have access to SAVii