(Bangalore, September 27, 2022) Quess, the leading provider of business services, has taken on SAVii as a new employee benefit to empower their growing workforce.  

Quess has been recognized as one of the best places to work for three consecutive years by creating a culture of positivity and knowing that people matter. It’s a priority to constantly make their workforce more productive- this effort has recently been supplemented by SAVii, the platform for employment linked services designed to place employers at the center of employee inclusion and resilience.  

“It is an honor for SAVii to be a trusted employee wellness provider for the biggest integrated business services provider in the country” says Liam Grealish, CEO of SAVii Asia.  “We are even more excited about this partnership because we’ve found that our values are aligned toward enabling and empowering workers with the flexibility and tools to build financial stability through inclusive benefits – that is the foundation of resilience.”  

SAVii, the category leader for employment linked financial solutions in the Philippines (where they support over 100 of the country’s largest corporations), has recently expanded into India. 

“Quess is known throughout Asia to positively impact the lives of millions of Indians in a very unique manner, and we look forward to growing with them and other teams who are as serious about creating opportunities for their employees to develop professionally and personally.” Grealish adds. 

Ajay Kumar Singh, Head of People Services, describes the Quess culture as collaborative.

“We designed an Employee Benefits and Engagement Platform based on employee feedback and the Lean Startup Method, where people from all levels come forward with solutions!” Singh says. 

“”The integration via APi really does make the SAVii experience seamless. This ease of access to personalized solutions is a step we’re taking to continue to deliver comprehensive wellness benefits.”   The company’s focus on improving work-life balance aims to give all employees peace of mind,  the ability to follow their ideas, and do meaningful work. 


About Quess

Quess, founded in 2007, is India’s largest private-sector employer. As a 14-year-old start-up, the company is proud of its accomplishments. Quess offers an unrivaled geographic reach and size, with 64 facilities across India, Southeast Asia, North America, and the Middle East. For additional information, visit their website.

About SAVii

SAVii Asia is an employment linked services platform that puts employers at the center of financial inclusion. Our 100+ corporate employer partners get data insight that can help manage attrition and unlock engaged, productive employees. We support over 420,000 employees with safe, convenient, and affordable loans, advances, and mental health support. Connect with us on news@savii.io or find out more at https://savii.io/