SAVii unveils new data insights at 2023 HR Tech Conference

August 22, 2023

Employee wellness provider SAVii unveils its employee and workplace research center, “SAVii Workplace Intelligence”, at the HR Tech Strategy Conference Philippines 2023.

SAVii Workplace Intelligence gathers insights from our strong relationships with employee customers and clients through annual and thematic surveys combined with the most relevant data from across the SAVii platform. SAVii utilizes data science and communication expertise to provide strategic advice to HR leaders to move business goals forward.

Catherine Lee, SAVii’s Head of Programs and Engagement, spoke about “Nurturing HR Insights to Achieve Exceptional Employee Experience” during the event. Her experience engaging with HR leaders and employees has taught her that understanding is key. “Imagine the possibilities when you gain even more insights. By truly knowing and understanding your employees, you become better equipped to implement tailored solutions that address this specific challenge. Leaders can be employees’ strongest advocates and sources of guidance.” Lee explains. She also adds that “Employer involvement (through financial benefits) empowers employees by removing distractions, establishing a strong foundation, and providing holistic education and engagement activities. This empowers them to unleash their full potential and be their best selves at work.”

Digital HR for a Transformed Workforce” was the theme discussed by all attendees at the HR Tech Conference. SAVii provided the keynote speech and gave context on how employers must adapt and keep pace with the times. Lee recommended strategies for managing employee experience and ensuring business sustainability.

SAVii Workplace Intelligence’s first whitepaper details Lee’s advice further. “Financial Stress: The Quiet Culture Killer”, explores global studies on workplace financial stress and combines them with SAVii’s own data about Filipino workers’ experiences. Results show that the most vulnerable employees are between the ages of 18 and 39. Financial stress affects everyone, and employers must provide personalized solutions based on income levels. SAVii Workplace Intelligence discovered that building emergency funds or savings is challenging, even if there is a capability to do so.

To learn more, download SAVii Workplace Intelligence’s first whitepaper, “Financial Stress: The Quiet Culture Killer.” SAVii Workplace Intelligence publications on the state of the Philippine employee experience are released quarterly.

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About HR Tech Strategy Meeting 2023

As the country advances, HR leaders see possibilities to improve the procedures and tools they’ve been employing. The idea is to reduce work and better manage responsibilities. This conference will help to create a new generation of human resource communities with a positive workplace culture.