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August 22, 2023

SAVii is proud to share the recognition to be one of ETHRWorld’s most-read stories on the learning and development landscape’s remarkable changes for the global workforce, which featured the FinTech startup’s CHRO, Ice Mangcoy. Ice shares the three most crucial steps that a company needs to thrive as an employer in the current talent landscape: An organizational structure that eliminates non-value adding work, investment in capability building over future skilling, and the need to resonate with the ‘why’ of a business, and use it as an anchor as we keep reimagining the who, what, where and how of the work. Ice believes that as changes continue to rise at an increasingly rapid pace, the financial stability of each employee is an essential foundation for employee wellness and engagement.

Read more on ETHRWorld’s interview with Ice Mangcoy to know more about the developing issues throughout banking and finance business and understand some of the most ideal methods and skill sets that have helped SAVii overcome the emerging hurdles to establish a sustainable workforce tomorrow.

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