Salary Loan

Affordable, Convenient and Safe assistance when you need it.

Interest rates start at 0.5%
We get you the best possible interest rate for your specific profile. Super flexible loan terms start at 3 months and can be as long as 60 months.  Only your Company ID, payslips and Government ID is required. 

90% Approval rate safeguards everyone
Replace informal lenders with SAVii to protect from late fees and risks to privacy as we help build your credit history for a better future. Get a salary loan here

Salary Advance

The quickest solution to access pay within 24 hours.

No interest billed
0% interest charged and a one-month repayment term allows you to cover short term financial needs and build your credit history immediately.

90% Approval rate safeguards everyone
Protect yourself from late fees, delays due to admin, and risks to privacy as we help build your credit history for a better future.

Repayment via Salary

Convenient automated settlements via payroll deduction are visible to HR and approved within 24 hours. Requested funds are delivered to the bank account or e-wallet of our borrower’s choice. Application and repayment updates are always visible on an employee dashboard, and our dedicated customer service
team handles all borrower questions. 

Our dedicated team is committed
to delivering the best borrowing experience.

Customer Satisfaction



Free Medical Insurance

Protection for medical emergencies

We encourage all our partner employees to sign up for free insurance. Everyone is eligible*, even if they do not apply for any other product.

*Subject to insurer’s age and exposure guidelines

Free Mental Health Webinar

Mental health services with third party experts

This is designed for employees, human resources, senior executives, and team leaders to manage and implement a mentally healthy work environment.

Free Financial Education

Financial literacy resources

With our monthly newsletter and quarterly webinar series, we teach employees  how to manage their personal finances and stay on the happy path toward their goals.