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Resilience in the Workplace: Ways to Boost Employee Morale

June 20th, 2023

Resilience /rəˈzilyəns/
the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

Managing a workforce isn’t a walk in the park. Your responsibility as a company leader doesn’t rest at hitting specific KPIs. On top of your daily duties, you also play other roles that put your resilience to test. For an organization to thrive and survive, it needs resilient employees. Employers are well aware of how resilience can be life-saving for employees dealing with physical, mental, emotional and especially work-related stress. A healthy and resilient team not only benefits a business unit. It also strengthens the core of the company. In order to significantly improve the shared work environment and culture, you have to create a mentally healthy workplace that will later on promote productivity, encourage innovation, and activate efficiency.

Here are 5 ways to boost employee morale:

  1. Encourage goal-setting: Helping your staff establish simple and achievable goals will develop a growth mindset and elevate the feeling of accomplishment. It will also hone a culture of accountability, making employees mentally prepared for more challenging scenarios at work. Remind them to always set purposeful and realistic goals. The best way to empower your team is to lead by example. Show them how to face workplace priorities with grace and confidence.
  2. Allow autonomy and independence: Whenever possible, give your employees the right amount of freedom. Micromanaging is one of the hats you might want to give up. Exerting too much control could stress you out and affect your team as well. Resolve it by building trust and supportive relationships. With trust, you can have a harmonious work environment.
  3. Enable flexibility: Ensuring your staff use their PTOs and take regular breaks makes a difference. You may also implement more flexible work arrangements or alternative work schedules. This will provide your employees more time for personal or family errands. Encouraging them to rest can help reduce stress and burnout.
  4. Implement a reward system: Boost employee morale through incentive programs. A reward system doesn’t always have to be grand but it has to have irresistible benefits so you can drive engagement and motivation. Some examples of employee incentive programs are recognition awards (MVP of the month), referral programs, training and development opportunities, freebies, health and wellness activities, bonuses, etc.
  5. Provide coaching: Mentoring your staff is a partnership that births learning and growth. One-on-ones are mutually beneficial so better start having that meaningful conversation with your team.

By providing the support that your employees need to excel and emerge resilient, you also ensure the integrity of your company.
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