Take a look back on our Most-played podcast for 2021: How to Be Happy with Dr. Lia Bernardo

As the year 2021 draws to a close, we take a look back at the year that was. We’ve compiled a list of the year’s most popular podcasts.

How to Be Happy with Dr. Lia Bernardo, episode 4 of season 2, is our most popular episode.

The Happiness Doctor is Dr. Lia’s moniker. She specializes in assisting with emotional health and well-being. Her cause is to teach self-love by increasing your frequency.

She gave us tips on what you should do to improve your well-being in this episode. And it all begins with letting go of the past and making friends with the present.

She also explains the four actions we can take to get the baseline level of happiness we desire: Move, Learn, Grow, and Create.

Move around – even if it’s only stretching to relieve tension.

Learn something new – it may be a new hobby (making crochet, baking, journaling)

Grow – whether it’s your faith or the connections that encourage and inspire you.

Create – you can do this by watching K-dramas, eating chocolates, dancing, and so forth.

To recap, in this episode, we learn how to prioritize our own needs. Our baseline of pleasure is achieved by loving ourselves, accepting our fears and problems, and working out how to become a better version of ourselves.

If you want to be motivated to become best friends with yourself, listen to this episode again.