We’re back to give you another serving of insightful tips to kickstart your investment journey. 🙂 Before we begin, make sure you’ve already ticked the following boxes before proceeding:

✔️ You already secured your emergency fund (here’s a quick guide)
✔️ You already know your risk profile, and, (learn more about it here)
✔️ You already did your personal research about investments

There are some investment terms that cannot be translated to layman terms. That’s why it’s very important for you to have the basic knowledge about them first.

Ready? Let’s begin 😉

1. Stocks / Equities

If you’ve already understood how the Philippine stock market works and are now ready to invest, you can follow the guide below:

Where to open a brokerage account

Among the top brokerage companies in 2021 are First Metro Sec Pro (managed by Metro Bank), COL Financial, BDO Securities (managed by BDO), BPI Trade, and PhilStocks among others.

How to do it

  • Open and verify your account
  • Log in on your account
  • Top up your account with your predetermined budget
  • Start buying individual stocks

Note that you have to learn the interface of your brokerage account in order to successfully navigate the platform.

It’s a little technical and intimidating at first, especially with all the huge numbers in different colors. With exposure and use over time, you’ll get used to it!

There are also different Youtube channels that have tutorials for navigating your account. Some simple search will get you the help you need

2. Bonds

Let’s put the PAG-IBIG MP2 as an example here which is a very beginner friendly investment channel. The PAG-IBIG MP2 is a special and voluntary savings program that matures after five years intended for individuals who wish to save more and earn more through dividends.

How to open a PAG-IBIG MP2 account

Option 1: Visit your nearest PAG-IBIG office to personally open an MP2 account. 
(Make sure to follow safety protocols if you’re going out. Wear your mask and bring alcohol to be safe!)
Option 2: If you don’t have the time and don’t want to go out, you can activate your PAG-IBIG virtual account. Just fill out the downloadable MP2 form, then pay (via designated payment centers/digital wallets) to start your investment.

How to do it
You may opt to manually put in money every month, not lower than Php 500. You can also nominate a salary deduction option where your employer will deduct a portion of your preferred amount to your MP2 account. It’s that easy! 💯

3. Mutual Funds

Just like investing in stocks/equities, investing in mutual funds requires an investment platform.

Where to invest in mutual funds

Among the top investment platforms are First Metro Save & Learn Balanced Fund, Inc., COL Financial, Bonds.ph, and Seedbox PH.

How to do it

The fund managers of your preferred mutual funds will be the ones to manage your investments. Same as with stocks, you’ll need to put funds into your account in order to “top up” and begin your investments. Every investment channel has its minimum amount of investment required.

For example, in the brands cited above:

  • First Metro Save & Learn Balanced Fund, Inc. and Bonds.ph require Php5,000
  • COL Financial and Seedbox PH require Php1,000


Millennials and Gen Zs are all over cryptocurrency (a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography) and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens, a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger) Some are already experts when it comes to crypto trading while others, those who lack knowledge about virtual currencies, fall prey to scams. If you’ve heard about the Squid Game coin which was apparently a rug pull scam, you’ll know how volatile this investment channel is.

Where to invest in cryptocurrency

In the Philippines, the most common crypto trading avenues are Coins.ph, PDAX, Binance, and eToro. When it comes to the crypto world, you have to be very careful and very familiar with what you’re doing. We strongly suggest that you do a thorough research before you start anything!

How to do it

  • Open an account in your preferred cryptocurrency exchange company
  • Link a bank account or top up your eWallet (could be GCash, PayMaya, etc)
  • Convert your peso by buying USDT. In this step, you will be transacting with an individual who shall ask you to send a proof of payment of the transaction.
  • Start buying units of the coins you wish to invest in

After a year-round of hard work, you deserve to get that year-end incentive. But be extra careful on how you spend it. Whether you prefer to save it or to use it as a starting point for your investments, make sure that you know what you’re getting into.

We conduct various financial talks and it would be great to have you there. Talk to your HR personnel to know how you can join one of our upcoming webinars. See you soon! 👀