What you can learn from this generation’s financially independent women

Women continue to be a formidable force with their innate ability to reach whatever goal they set their minds to. Today, we have powerful and confident female role models who are not only innovators and leaders in their respective fields but also a source of inspiration for financial independence and resilience.

As we celebrate International Women’s Month, check out some of the things we can learn from women-led financial success: 

  • Financial independence offers freedom and control

If you want to be on your way to financial freedom, the key is to take the reins of your personal funds by working towards financial literacy and independence. This instills self-sustaining confidence and stability that can be used in various aspects of life. 

Amanda Steinberg is the founder of DailyWorth, a financial media platform specifically dedicated to women and their financial needs.  She states that by becoming financially independent, women can not only gain control of their lives but also increase their net worth, giving women more opportunities to plan and achieve bigger dreams. The first steps you can take involve setting clear financial goals for yourself, learning the basics of managing funds such as tracking expenses or paying debts, and looking for new investment opportunities like low-interest loans and saving accounts or trying your hand at properties and stock trading.  

  • Being financially independent is a chance to be a role model 

The female role in society has transformed into something more profound. Women of different ages and backgrounds hold titles in government, C-suite positions, and other roles that give them a chance to lead. It proves that women can empower others and be authentic role models to those who need them.  Devina Kaur, an author and inspirational speaker, described working women as “reliable in every aspect, be it their emotions, financial freedom, or health and such women are a great motivation for others”.

But this perception isn’t limited to professional settings. A woman’s ability to empathize and nurture those around her translates to finances, too. When you have the drive and motivation to take control of your funds, you show what other people can also achieve for themselves and inspire others to strive for financial independence.  

Regardless of your background or job title, you can unleash your financial power and become an example for other women who desire the same. 

  • Being financially and mentally prepared helps you be ready for whatever life brings

We all know the value of being prepared, especially with our finances. Saving funds and expanding income streams can protect yourself from emergencies—and financial education is just as beneficial. 

Confidere Financial’s founder Ann Wengronowitz describes financial literacy and education as an “extra layer of security” for needs and future goals. Knowing how to manage income and debt; studying different investment options like stocks, properties, or crypto; and staying informed on financial trends will help you maximize opportunities now and in the future.

Today’s modern woman embodies financial independence like never before. They have the knowledge, creativity, and ability to reach their goals while navigating challenges like unemployment, wage inequality, inflation, and more. Yet despite perceived roadblocks, we can count on women to pave the way for others to succeed.

Use these tips and begin your own journey towards financial independence. Take advantage of SAVii’s salary-linked financial products to help you reach your goals.