Having access to immediate financial assistance has benefitted more than one hundred thousand employees whose companies are partnered with SAVii (formerly Uploan).

As your financial buddy, we only want to ease your financial burdens from various life challenges that are encountered on a regular basis.

In case you’re curious to know how we have helped hardworking Filipino employees this year, we rounded up the major reasons behind the loans applied for.

1. Home repairs and improvement

With the boom of work-from-home setup since 2020, many people began looking inside and reexamining their houses. Improvements became a priority for many working people. SAVii disbursed a total of 18,211 loans to assist employees who were looking for ways to be more productive in their own homes.

2. Payment of utilities 

Being able to pay rent, utilities, and other recurring bills came in as the second most popular reason why employees requested financial assistance from SAVii. A total of 6,609 loans were disbursed for this purpose in 2020 alone. 

3. Calamity fund

The pandemic was a major threat to personal finances. While some have survived as they retained their job, others experienced the pain of being retrenched. The calamity fund loan reason was availed of by 3,396 employees who used the money to support either their personal job hunting or their families’ living expenses. 

4. Purchase of household appliances and furniture 

If you’re a member of the famous Facebook Group ‘Home Buddies,’ you may have been one of the many people budol-ed by Mayora and her tanods when it comes to upgrading household items. SAVii has released a total of 2,454 loans for individuals who may have bought new furniture or replaced faulty appliances. 

5. Tuition fee

The ever-rising cost of education has become a top challenge faced by employees nowadays. The 2,390 instances of financial aid released by SAVii to employees of its partner companies this year is evidence of this.

Whatever needs Filipino employees may have, SAVii is always here to extend a helping hand. Know more about our affordable, reliable, and convenient loan options, you may visit our website, www.savii.io/ph. We hope to be of service to you soon, buddy!