Top 5 mental health benefits that come with decluttering your home

They say that the state of your home or personal space reflects your mental wellness. With life’s hustle and bustle, a bit of mess here and there is expected, but excessive clutter or hoarding can negatively affect your mental health, finances, and overall well-being. If there are items that you no longer need, then it’s time to let them go by selling or donating them. A clean and organized space can work wonders and you can reap a lot of benefits while you’re at it:

  • Decluttering lets you rediscover yourself

Your preferences, interests, and milestones change as the years pass, so your home should be a reflection of that. Decluttering a few times a year will help you start fresh, leave unwanted things behind, and make room for new interests. 

For instance, maybe you’ve outgrown some old clothes and want to revamp your style, or maybe you want to show off a new hobby you’ve picked up like crocheting or collecting cards. Let your space be a reflection of who you are, and you can watch yourself grow and change in the coming years. 

  • Being tidy improves your mood and personal relationships

One of the best ways to invest in yourself is by caring for your surroundings and personal items, and it can be surprisingly simple and easy.  For example, a study from the Mindfulness journal states that people who wash their dishes feel 27% less nervous or anxious about their surroundings. Decluttering doesn’t have to mean throwing out unused items. You can start by tidying up small spaces like your kitchen or bathroom—these small acts will already have a huge impact on your mental state. 

You can also turn cleaning into quality time with your partner, kids, and other loved ones. It’s a great opportunity to reminisce on memories attached to various trinkets, share or donate items to people who would want them, and teach your kids the value of keeping your home tidy. 

  • An organized space improves focus and productivity 

If you work from home, having a decent work space is important to stay motivated and productive throughout the day. This is not possible if your station is cluttered, because the mess can cause stress and distractions. According to life coach Sherri Gordon from Very Well Mind, clutter can “limit your brain’s ability to process information” and negatively affect your workflow. 

Take a few minutes to remove anything that can hinder your focus and organize your workspace, like charging cords, notebooks, and other paperwork. You’ll find that having a sense of organization in your space helps you become happier and more productive throughout the day. 

  • Getting rid of unused items is an opportunity to be creative 

The misconception that decluttering contributes to waste is misguided. The key to effective decluttering is being creative and resourceful in repurposing the items you no longer need.

For example, you can turn old clothes into dust rags or use certain materials like denim and knitwear for art projects. You can also donate old clothes, bags, glassware, and plastic materials as recyclables. By doing these, you can keep your home clutter-free and be a friend to the environment at the same time. 

  • Decluttering can help you make the most of your finances 

Decluttering is a perfect opportunity to get some extra cash. Instead of throwing out your unused clothes, shoes, and bags, you can sell them to a thrift store or have a garage sale. You can also exercise your creativity by selling items you create using repurposed, decluttered items. 

But more than making a profit, maintaining a clean and organized space also helps you make the most of your purchases. Prioritizing your needs instead of hoarding items just because they’re trendy helps you save money and avoid bad debt. In the long run, this results in smarter spending habits and contributes to your financial goals. 

Your lifestyle and how you handle your money affect your mental health. Make an effort to be disciplined in keeping your home and belongings tidy and this can go a long way not just in your mental wellness but also practicing acts of self-love to improve your finances

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