Taking a vacay without breaking the bank

Airport terminals are now getting populated, beach spots are starting to get packed, and seat sale promos are being shared left and right on social media. We could’ve only dreamed about these two years ago, at the height of the pandemic 😍

Thanks to the government’s announcement that the country is now on Alert Level 1, many Pinoys have begun taking out-of-town trips and are more comfortable with traveling as we enter the new normal of the endemic.

If you think traveling requires you to spend a ton of money, we’re here to give you tips and tricks on how you can have an enjoyable vacation without spending so much of that hard-earned money 💰

  1. Plan your itinerary ahead of time

    Whether you’re eyeing a local or an international destination, it pays to have a mapped out plan on where you’re staying, places you’re going to visit, where to dine, and the transportation transfers needed. Take time to research whether the areas you’re visiting would require entrance fees / environmental fees and take note of them. The beauty of planning ahead is that you won’t be surprised by unexpected fees. Plot these feesin a shareable document / sheet where all participants can contribute or view.

    For domestic flights, note that there is no need for you to undergo and submit a negative RT-PCR test according to the government mandate.

  2. Watch out for seat sales

    For trips that require air transportation, seat sale offers are your best friends ✈️ Turn the notification bell on your favorite airlines’ social media pages so you immediately get notified for piso fares. You can also check and compare affordable flights by browsing either cheapflights or skyscanner. 

    Bonus tip: book your flight midweek as fares are lower at this time compared to ones that fall at the end of the week or on weekends.

  3. Purchase discounted travel packages

    Numerous travel agencies offer travel packages wherein you can save money considering they offer an all-in deal including accommodation, transportations, tourist spots, and sometimes food. To protect yourself and your hard-earned money, make sure to only deal with legitimate travel agencies or providers.

  4. Consider joiner trips
    If you’re a solo traveler who wants to share the expenses with other people, go for joiner trips. There are lots of Facebook travel groups where you can easily find travel agents who open their trips to solo joiners. Usually these trips are all-in as well so the only thing you need to bring is extra money for additional meals or pasalubong to your loved ones.

For more than two years of being cooped up in our own homes, there’s no guilt in taking a vacation trip to recharge one’s spirits. Restrictions may be easing but it’s always better to stay safe. Make sure you have already received the COVID vaccines as well as booster shots and practice the standard health safety measures 😉