Surprising health benefits from riding motorcycles

The return-to-office mandate given by private companies to their employees has once again packed all forms of public transportation as employees resume on-site work.

On a jam-packed national road such as EDSA, you can bet that there are some people who have already bought motorcycles to get to their workplaces in a shorter period of time compared to being stuck in traffic in their private cars. To date, the number of registered motorcycles in the country has risen to 3.58-million. 🏍️

While this is the common reason why Pinoys opt for motorbikes, did you know that there are also numerous benefits that an individual can get from riding a motorcycle? 🤔

    • Improves one’s mental health
      Riding a motorcycle requires precise concentration. The ability to maneuver through every corner, every stoplight, or amid slow or heavy traffic, this activity sharpens the brain and promotes higher levels of cognitive function. Going on long rides also reduces stress and anxiety. Moreover, dopamine aka happy hormones, are also released in the body during this type of activity and helps boost one’s mood.

    • Calorie-burning activity
      Since you’re using your entire body when riding a motorcycle, which definitely takes much effort compared to driving a car, your insulin sensitivity increases which then helps your metabolism. This aids you to burn calories and store less fat–basically doing a whole body workout.

    • Enhances core strength
      The movements being done during a ride such as the torso resisting strong headwinds and turning one’s head from side to side, not to mention the weight of a full-face helmet, have proven that it improves one’s overall core strength. 

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