SAVii celebrates 5 wonderful years in the industry

Exactly five years ago today, SAVii marked its invaluable presence in the country as it released its first-ever salary loan. 

Formerly known as Uploan, SAVii’s first-ever disbursement was intended to cover an employee’s medical expenses. To this day, SAVii has transformed more than 400,000 lives through financial assistance and holistic wellness programs geared towards financial literacy and mental wellness.

To date, SAVii has already disbursed more than 115,000 salary loans to hardworking Filipino employees since it started its mission of expanding the power of safe and affordable credit to employees who previously had no options–such as project-based employees and those who are paid on a weekly basis–since 2017.

Insightful webinars

Apart from the usual webinars, SAVii provides to its partner companies, it has also conducted various webinars featuring industry experts. Vida Arciaga, President & CEO of Center for Research, Education, Solutions and Trainings (CREST) Inc., led the Round Up webinar in April 2021 entitled “Individuality and Working in teams: Retaining the right people and ensuring their success.” Attendees learned how to tap in the strengths of their organizations’ people and how to champion them toward success.

In addition, SAVii also participated in industry-wide learning events where it ran a forum entitled “Building A Resilient Workforce: How to prevent disruptions caused by financial stress.” The discussion revolved around providing solutions to HRs and leaders when addressing societal and economic disruptions.

Community Building

These value-adding webinars do not just end as the session culminates. SAVii also initiated a virtual community through “HR Game Changers” where it gathered industry experts, HR professionals, and newly-minted HR people where professionals interact, share best practices and expand their network. This LinkedIn community does not only cater to Filipino HR practitioners but also people from various countries.

Expanding services

Initially, the company was only offering salary loans, salary advances, and financial education materials. However, as an innovative salary finance platform, SAVii has evolved and ventured into providing various financial solutions in the form of–

    • COVID-19 vaccine financial assistance,
    • mental wellness assistance program,
    • occupational financial assistance, and,
    • health and safety financial assistance among many others

Transforming lives in the Asia-Pacific

The positive impact that SAVii has had on hardworking Filipino employees has empowered the company to introduce its service and offerings to Indian employees. As it set foot in India, SAVii has also started offering Early Wage Access (EWA) and 3-month Salary Loan options to workers who may need immediate access to their salary.

0% interest rate

0.5% – 2% interest rate

Repayment via
Salary Deduction

Fast Processing

Customer Care

There is no stopping SAVii as the best financial buddy of employees. We hope to work with you soon as we bring financial power to more workplaces across Asia!