Rebuilding your confidence after a job loss

Members of the working class always consider job stability when applying in a company. However, the pandemic has proven that no matter how stable an organization is, when socio-economic conditions such as COVID-19 shake the world up, there is still a high probability of losing one’s work 💸

In the Philippines alone, about 4.5 million people were jobless when quarantine restrictions were put in place in 2020. While many Filipinos were forced to creatively find ways on how to earn money, others might have felt stuck and paralyzed not knowing how to pick themselves up.

If you feel anxious and insecure about not being able to land the job you desire the most after experiencing being laid off, we share with you three ways on how you can rebuild your career confidence due to an unexpected job loss.

  1. Deal with your emotions

    Being retrenched feels like the end of the world for career-driven individuals. Just like any other unfortunate experience, handle the lay off by dealing with your emotions head-on. This way, you can immediately move forward. The first step in doing this is to be completely honest with yourself and how you feel. If you feel like you cannot sort your emotions out, try writing them down as a form of release. ✍️

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  2. Look for a mentor

    After you’ve cleared your head and are now ready to take the next step, consider getting a mentor. This could be someone who knows you very well and is at his/her prime years in his/her career who can help you put things in the right perspective. Your mentor can even help you realize other skills and interests that you haven’t utilized before.

    Once the seas of uncertainty have passed and say you’ve already landed a job, you can pay your mentor’s kindness forward by finding a mentee whom you can provide guidance to as they start their career. With this, you’ll realize that you’ve already come a long way and it will surely boost your confidence.

  3. Gather recommendations
    Your former colleagues know how much of a good employee and teammate you are. Try tapping them and other members within your network for a recommendation to vouch on your skills, knowledge, and your work ethic. You’ll be surprised with how you have affected them positively. This can serve as a reminder that your retrenchment is just a small career slump and that you can still do so much

Losing one’s job isn’t a great experience. However, always intentionally think that your retrenchment does not define who you are nor does it minimize your years of hard work.

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