Providing peace of mind to employees amid COVID

Is 2022 2020, too?

Memes, homonyms, and kidding aside, the sudden spike in COVID-19 positive cases last January was scary. We saw a 7-day average of 34,898 cases, beating the all-time-high 20,000 weekly average cases tallied in September 2021.

Although the cases seem to have finally come down with an average of only 3,000 weekly, we should always be on guard. The threats of evolved COVID variants, specifically Flurona, continue to haunt us. 

As an expert in championing employees’ holistic well-being, SAVii recently updated its line of insurance offerings with one that’s intended to protect your people against the threats of COVID-19, accidents, and other related mishaps.

SAVii’s “Personal Accident with COVID-19 Cash Assistance” is an all-inclusive plan that offers protection against inevitable uncertainties.

Through this comprehensive insurance package, your employees are provided with the following coverages: 

      • Accidental death and dismemberment benefit 
      • Cash assistance for COVID-19 positive employees
      • 12-month coverage from date of effectivity

Companies who have already secured this insurance package have already secured the peace of mind of their employees, have already safeguard the welfare of their labor pool, and, ultimately, have already improved their benefits package. Your company deserves to enjoy these benefits too

The best part? It’s a

      • NO cost,
      • NO liability, and
      • Hassle-free

solution for your employees! 

To know how to secure this special offering for your company, just send an email to

As employers, we only want the best for our people. After all, no one wants to redo what we went through in case we get a part three of 2020 too.