MAPS: Money Habits for 2023 and Beyond

“We become what we repeatedly do.” – Sean Covey

You know the drill: it’s the time of the year when we revisit our vision boards and life-changing resolutions. 

We’re all motivated to list new promises to ourselves as January supposedly gives us a whiff of fresh start. However, according to Psychologist Lissy Ann Puno: “Statistics show that a high percent of New Year’s resolutions fail or are not completed because soon, motivation weakens or ‘life happens’ to distract you or to take your focus away.”

So why do we still make resolutions then? The current global economic situation is a motivational driver!

Our finances demand our utmost attention now more than ever. And because everyone wants to grow their money, we could all use new ideas on how to manage it. 

We put together some useful money habits that can help you achieve your financial goals this 2023 and beyond:


Maintain a purposeful mindset. 

Demands for money will always be there: medical expenses, tuition fees, bills payment, household items all year round. You have to be intentional with your money, may it be for spending or saving, because whatever decision you make may affect your financial security in the future. Don’t let your emotions or external influences boss you around.

Automate your savings and bills. 

If you tend to keep on breaking your good money habits, you need reinforcement. Many digibanks offer automated savings and payment tools nowadays. Set this up so you won’t have to worry about missed due dates or insufficient funds to save up. 

Pay yourself first. 

This is one of the best budgeting categories you can try. It’s also a money habit that requires little effort. The key is to set aside funds for your future self – may include emergency funds, insurance, and debt repayments.

Stay on budget. 

Budgeting is a financial skill important to everyone regardless of financial situation and knowledge. Keeping your budget in check balances your income and expenses – helping you avoid impulse buying. 

This new year, you must continue learning about your financial patterns, especially your spending triggers. Awareness is always the first step if you really want to achieve your financial goals. 

By using MAPS, you’ll be amazed at your progress. Commit yourself to these money habits to strengthen your finances this 2023 and beyond. Our 360-degree salary-linked financial solutions are available for your urgent needs! Check out our affordable loan options now