HR Leaders Unlock Hybrid Workplace Opportunities

At the start of 2022, we are suddenly back to hearing about massive COVID-19 outbreaks in the metro. HR leaders are once again obliged to assess if their company’s functions are feasible in remote, in-person, or hybrid workplace settings.

A hybrid workplace appears to be a straightforward solution to the current challenges that organizations face because it helps to maintain their office space while also accommodating both in-person and remote employees. However, this hybrid technique is not without difficulties.

HR leaders must promote collaborative activities to make hybrid workplaces functional. Encourage employees to plan work-from-home days to accommodate other commitments, such as family and fitness.

They must also strike a balance in terms of multigenerational differences. Younger workers, notably younger Millennials and Gen Z’ers, are split between taking advantage of hybrid employment and being afraid that if they return to the office, their career will stagnate. While Gen X prefers to work in an office setting, where they have access to the resources they require.

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in extraordinary work revisions. As HR professionals navigate the now normal, the one size fits all solution must be acknowledged as a thing of the past. The interests of as many employees as possible are now part of the equation. Only then will they be able to set priorities and propose possible solutions for company priorities and redesign employee compensation as well.

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