Four self-love habits to take care of your mental health

Anxiety and depression are topics we’ve learned a lot about in the past couple of years. 

As familiar as we are with them, we still have a lot more to figure out, especially in the ongoing situation of chronic stress we’re all currently facing. 

The quick spread of the Omicron COVID variant, the stress that comes from the delineation of work & personal life at home, and the fact that we’re still very much in a pandemic can easily affect one’s state of mind.

In this week’s blog, we go back to the basics of nourishing and taking good care of ourselves. Although results do not come overnight, persistently incorporating self-love habits in our routines can surely protect our mental health and counter issues that may arise.

Here are four useful tips:

  1. Practice self-care

    External stressors trigger our fight or flight response. When we go with the flight response, we may retreat, hole up, stop functioning properly, or in worst-case scenarios, sabotage ourselves.

    It is important that we continue activities such as exercising, maintaining proper nutrition, and getting enough sleep which all help to improve and maintain good mental health. While others find these things easy to do, some may struggle to achieve them. Try to reframe the tasks by celebrating each one achieved as a small win to help you get through your checklist of self-care basics.

  2. Prioritize “me time”

    Saying “no” once in a while to prioritize spending time with yourself can benefit you in more ways than you could imagine. 

    Planning a solo staycation, a movie marathon at home, or even a long drive to one of your favorite spots can help destress and release anxiety.

  3. Set boundaries

    If you feel spread too thin you may be giving yourself too much to other people, work, and other related commitments. It may be time to reassess your priorities. 

    Never be afraid to draw the line whenever there are activities or instances that will eat up your time. By doing this, you’re protecting yourself from people who do not wish you well which is essential in practicing self-love.

  4. Be kind to yourself

    One of the best ways to practice self-love is by having a compassionate inner narrative.

    Criticizing your actions and not getting over your mistakes can put you in an unhealthy mental disposition. 

    Affirmations have been proven to activate key pathways in your brain that change long-standing patterns–  so always remember to speak kindly to yourself, and use short positive statements to strengthen your confidence.

There is so much noise and negativity in the world nowadays that if we don’t strengthen our inner selves, we may easily get affected.

We’re always ready to extend a helping hand should you need mental wellness programs. Reach out to us as soon if you need assistance!