Four reasons why you should support employees’ studies

The ever dynamic and ever evolving job market demands employees to expand their knowledge, improve their skill set, and develop new competencies to remain relevant and competitive. When your employees voluntarily pursue postgraduate studies or just by simply getting certificate-issuing trainings, your workplace’s knowledge and productivity get a valuable boost.

Moreover, education opportunities help improve employee satisfaction resulting in higher retention rates. Providing employees with learning opportunities or simply supporting employees’ studies benefits the company at large in the long run.

If you aren’t sold with the idea yet, SAVii rounded up three reasons why you should support employees’ studies as soon as you can.

  • Support employees’ education because they get confidence boost
    Unforced mistakes happen at work from time to time. However, when employees, who are actively pursuing their postgraduate education, are more equipped with the right knowledge and skills, they tend to commit fewer errors and are more confident in what they are doing. Once they feel more confident, they become more ready to tackle more responsibilities. 

  • Support employees’ education because they become more globally competitive
    Having employees who learn globally relevant skills and knowledge not just make your people internationally competitive but this also opens your business to international business. The skills that are useful in the global market are the ability to speak and understand foreign languages, project management, international politics, and even foreign tax laws. 

  • Support employees’ education because they become ready for higher roles
    How many of your employees are willing to work their way up the corporate ladder? Higher studies give them the opportunity to be trusted in bigger responsibilities, specifically leadership roles. So, instead of hiring leaders externally, trust that your employees who are working on their postgraduate degrees can be your best bet.


  • Support employees’ education because they become aligned with the latest industry trends
    Being stagnant at work, knowing what you already know for X number of years, serves as a recipe for disaster. Those who pursue higher education get refreshed and aligned with the latest industry trends which help your organization to be abreast with the current trends.

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits of supporting employees’ education, it’s high time that you consider financial solutions in which you can help your people. SAVii’s Learner’s Education Assistance Program (LEAP) aims to provide employees of its partner companies with assistance in the form of gift certificates which they can use to purchase books, school supplies, and gadgets for academic use.

This sponsorship program is also applicable to employees who are sending kids to school. By providing this to your people, you do not just help reduce their financial stress as they cover their educational expenses but you also reap the above mentioned benefits.

Reach out to SAVii’s representatives to learn more about this.