Five ways to celebrate HR Professionals Day

It’s not too late to celebrate HR Professionals Day! 🥳

Observed every 26th of September, the Human Resources Professional Day is initiated to pay tribute to people working in HR departments as well as to raise awareness about the roles and responsibilities they take on.

If your organization missed this important celebration, SAVii shares five ways on how you can still celebrate HR Professionals Day. 😉

Send a customized care package

Human Resource professionals always put everyone else first before themselves. This time, ensure that they are able to look after themselves by sending them a curated care package–one that’s customized to their liking. Your people will appreciate how much you know them on a personal level as they find tokens of gratitude that they would fancy receiving.

Produce a Thank You video featuring HR members

Publicly acknowledging the effort of your HR people through a tribute video broadcasted to all employees would definitely be an effective method to honor your hardworking HR professionals. Look back on the days that they’ve kept the company afloat during the onsite to work-from-home transition and highlight how they were able to find solutions to the challenges presented to them.

Invite an HR champion for an inspirational talk

Sometimes when we empty our cup while serving others, we forget to fill our own cups. In one way or another, your HR people may have felt so exhausted to the point of burning out, especially at the height of the pandemic. Let them remember the reason why they should keep going by inviting an HR champion who can provide an inspirational talk to them.

Address long-standing HR concerns 

Most of the time, it’s the HR people who would resolve issues and concerns of employees from various departments. This time, sit with your HR people, actively listen to their woes and concerns, and provide solutions to their long-standing concerns. This way, they know that you’ve got their back. Showing that you care about them enables them to care more about their fellow employees.

Give a total, holistic recognition program

If you think you no longer have the luxury of time to organize the four aforementioned tips, we recommend considering SAVii’s HR Excellence Appreciation Sponsorship Program. Through this initiative, you will be entitled to provide travel, gadgets, health and wellness initiatives, and gas allowance among others to your HR people. These are covered by the sponsorship program so no need for you to shell out expenses. All you need to do is partner with SAVii, complete specific steps, and voila, you can now pamper your HR people. As easy as that!

Your hardworking HR employees deserve only the best. Through these proposed solutions, SAVii believes that you will be able to make your employees feel really valued and appreciated.  If you need to learn more about the HR Excellence Appreciation Sponsorship Program, reach out to a SAVii representative ASAP.