Driving Career and Company Success: Employees share the importance of receiving educational support

The most valuable asset an organization possesses is none other than its employees. If not for the competent, highly-skilled workers and those who constantly seek upskilling, a workplace will remain stagnant and not as competitive as their rivals. 

According to a report, 74% of workers are willing to learn new skills or re-train in order to remain employable. It is an employer’s duty to have a learning and development program that provides growth opportunities to members of the workforce to retain (and gain) the best talents, improve company productivity, and boost profitability. By extending educational support, employees feel secure in their workplaces.

We asked some employees why they think receiving educational support is significant and beneficial. Read below.

“People are the greatest asset of the company. Supporting their career growth not only makes the employees better at their job. It also affects the business in a positive way as employees can do better and as a result, it will lead to happy and fulfilled customers – which is the core reason why we do business.” – Ryan Ermita, Technical Lead

Educational support for employees is mutually beneficial for both the company and the employees. This may result in a high recruitment and retention rate of employees as well as maintaining a high-quality workforce. This will provide personal and professional growth to employees. In return for the company’s generosity, it is most likely that employees will feel motivated to do their work with enthusiasm knowing that their company provides them with the right compensation and benefits such as educational support. Hence, this is very essential. – Lykha Reymonte, Loans Officer

“Education is considered one of the basic needs. Hence, people are investing so much in providing quality education to their family members and even to oneself. Employers, then, giving educational support to their employees only shows that they value what is essential to their people and inspire them to also value the support extended by the company.” Mark Fajardo, Customer Support Lead – Operations

“According to social psychology, a trait most associated with a competent and desirable leader is authoritative, but kind. The sole presence of power dynamics within an organization is not enough to both inspire and keep your most trusted employees. Seeing your employees only as employees is a perspective that’s both archaic and detrimental to the fruitful workplace environment that one wishes to foster. Employees are more than just your workers, they are your friends that you should support and they deserve to develop the skill sets necessary to do better in the workplace. As such, receiving financial educational support will not only help them both emotionally and financially, but it will also strengthen the means in which the goals of the organization are achieved.”Porong Chavez, Community Engagement Specialist

“For someone like me who worked full-time while in college, I believe that education is our key to success; and, receiving educational support from employers is one of the best investments because it gives positive growth for the employee and it propels the future of the company.” – Ryan Garcia, Securitisation Officer

I think it’s important and beneficial for employees to receive educational support from employers because I believe that a good portion of the employees who have kids are probably attending school. There could be some who support their siblings’ school expenses. There are also some employees that are probably working students that are taking their master’s degree or simply finishing their studies, like myself, I’m planning to finish mine if it won’t affect my daily work tasks and responsibilities. If an opportunity opens where my employer would be offering to provide educational support for us employees, I would not hesitate to grab it. The knowledge and growth I could earn from finishing my degree or from doing post-graduate courses will surely be beneficial for my employer and I. The financial support from employers could help us ease our worries and hesitations about furthering the education of ourselves or our families, and that can result in being better and even more productive at work.” – Fermin Gerardo Nomat, B2C Collections Officer

“Receiving educational support from employers signifies that they are invested in their people’s personal and professional growth. Aside from competing through promotions and pay increases, employers should explore extending educational assistance as means to retain talent or even upskill their workforce.” – Maisie Tan, Data Coach

The advantages of company-provided educational support benefits both the employer and the employee in the long run. SAVii is a champion of this initiative as it offers this financial solution through our program EXCEL: Employees Exceptional Learning program. Talk to a SAVii representative today to know how you can provide this benefit to your employees.