All you need to know about designing an effective employee wellness program

Your workforce is more informed and educated than ever before. They look at the overall health of their workplaces, way beyond their general roles and responsibilities, compelling companies to prioritize designing employee wellness programs. 

Strategically designing employee benefits programs can make or break your company because your employees trust you the most. Showering them with some care and affection via a wellness program builds a solid reason for trust, motivating them to walk the extra mile for you. Contrarily, treating them to anything less than what they deserve would only dampen their trust and relationship with you. 

Check out these tips to build you a winning employee wellness program.

Run a health check at your workplace

Build a committee, bring the leaders onboard, collaborate with your HR reps, and do whatever it takes to embed wellness into the work culture. 

Leaders usually are not in tune with their employees’ needs since they are not in direct contact with everyone. So, form a community of key people from multiple departments and gather insights to understand employees’ expectations and needs. Sit them down to find the areas of improvement and collaborate on ways to solve them. 

You can also help managers find the right channels for gathering insights. One-on-ones, launching pulse surveys, or sending emails are the best ways to assess your employees’ well-being levels. In case you have some strategies enforced already, consider measuring their effectiveness to further your efforts. 

Be open to criticism, because your definition and understanding of ‘wellness’ might not be the same as your employees’.  

Define goals and outcomes for the wellness program

OKRs are not just meant for business operations, but for any and every initiated effort so you can track performance, effectiveness, and be empowered to make improvements. Identify opportunities to support your employees’ emotional, social, and financial well-being and how they translate into the organization’s success. 

Some actionable goals you can monitor are increase or decrease in productivity, attrition, and stress levels in the workplace. 

Offer holistic benefits anchored on employee needs

Stand-alone benefits that are not in line with employees’ needs and the organization’s culture eventually fall apart. Also, viewing only one wellness aspect like health insurance or engagement activities is not sustainable. Aim for holistic well-being offers to ensure each employee is supported in ways that matter to them the most. 

Apart from the typical benefit offers, consider including mental health, financial support, and lifestyle benefits into your program. 

Map out budgets and timelines

Plan and evaluate budgets based on your employee size and long-term sustainability. Evaluate the end-to-end process needed for implementation of the program and fill in gaps that may arise. Align your budget and timelines with the goals you set early on to help you remain agile with your wellness program.

Ensure every stakeholder is aligned on the objectives

Managers and leaders should be in agreement with the goals and objectives of the program. Leaders play the prime role in instating the efforts and driving its adoption. Managers and leaders should all believe in and promote the benefits to champion employee engagement and trust. 

This creates a wellness culture where everyone looks out for each other. It is also crucial to reassess the effectiveness of the wellness program from time to time and make necessary changes to keep up.

Choose the right wellness partner

Evaluate your organization’s available resources and needs for outsourcing, if any. Find yourself the right partner who can assist you in designing an employee wellness program that is backed by research, relevant to employees from all backgrounds, and supported by technology for seamless implementation.

Aim for personalization to best cater to your employees’ diversified needs. Employee wellness programs are often limited to health and insurance but employees are now looking for additional support including financial assistance, retirement planning, and mental health support. Providers like SAVii offer a suite of 360-degree employee wellness products comprising salary loans, mental health provisions, insurance, and education programs to give employees a wide array of resources and assistance. 

We at SAVii aim to maximize employee appreciation that matters to them. In the process of taking care of their wellbeing, we help employers improve their efficiency, productivity, and loyalty, all while being in control of budgets. 

SAVii’s suite of products offers cultivates holistic wellbeing by driving financial resilience, stability, and awareness, as an employer-led platform. Our innovative salary-linked products aim to build a workforce that thrives at work, at zero cost and liabilities. 

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