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Visaya KPO is a global Filipino brand of IT- BPO. The organization lives by its core principles, which they refer to as “DREAM.” These values stand for dedication and commitment, being results-oriented, excellent and innovative, with a focus on accountability and integrity. 

Visaya KPO recognizes that its most valuable strategic asset is its employees. The BPO company places a great priority on their human capital by delivering the best training available.  Aside from providing employees with a road map to success, the organization places a premium on their well-being. They partnered with SAVii two years ago to address their employees’ financial wellness.

“Part of SAVii’s mission is to assist HR leaders to bring mental health and financial wellness support to their organization. We are proud to have assisted Visaya KPO in uplifting and transforming the lives of their employees since 2020.”  Says Liam Grealish, CEO and Founder of SAVii, the category leader in salary linked financial services. 

SAVii is an employee wellness startup that aims to change people’s lives by providing them with financial power at work. SAVii has been supporting employers in creating a future-ready community in their workplace, enhancing employee wellness and employee engagement. 

Visaya KPO HR teams recently expressed in feedback to the provider that bringing SAVii on board made a positive impact to employee engagement. Their HR team also expressed that it “became beneficial for emergencies” and that their entire workforce could benefit from the service. 

“Our unique risk scoring algorithm allows us to provide the most affordable options for everyone in the employee pool so each employee has a safe option and no one is left behind during challenging times.” Grealish adds.  

Visaya KPO, like SAVii, aims to serve by relying heavily on a caring culture that strives to transform and uplift the lives of its consumers, clients, stakeholders, and employees.


About Visaya KPO

Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing Corporation began in 2007 with a small group of individuals committed to providing exceptional and cost-effective service delivery. Visit their website for more information

About SAVii

SAVii is the category leader in salary linked financial services. Our 100+ corporate employer partners get data insight that can help manage attrition and unlock engaged, productive employees. We support over 420,000 employees with safe, convenient, and affordable loans, advances, and mental health support. Connect with us on or find out more at