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UDENNA aspires to be a vital partner in nation-building, inspired by the Filipino desire to grow and thrive. 

Presently, UDENNA employs over 9,000 employees and is anticipated to hire thousands more Filipinos over the next five years. The organization provides a culture that encourages workers to attain their best potential. The team appreciates management’s concern for their professional development shown through various learning and development programs, as well as the benefits provided to foster greater financial health and wellness.

SAVii, the salary finance platform, has been a financial partner of the Udenna Group for 12months. “We at SAVii are inspired by UDENNA’s objective to provide viable solutions through sustainable business investments that stimulate development in every industry they serve,” says Liam Grealish, CEO, and Founder of SAVii. “It has been our pleasure to support their mission by helping HR to engage and motivate their employees. Our affordable, reliable and secure salary linked assistance has contributed to the company’s employee rewards plan for a year now, and we assist their HR team by satisfying employee’s needs directly, without disruption of operating capital- that’s vital to the success of every business. We look forward to supporting UDENNA employees as a trusted buddy for the years to come.” 

UDENNA’s expansion into other areas, including education, leisure, gaming, tourism, and infrastructure, demonstrates the company’s commitment to the common upliftment of the country and its people.

Since its inception in 2002, UDENNA has successfully listed two of its subsidiaries on the Philippine Stock Exchange: PHOENIX Petroleum Philippines, Inc. (PNX.PM) and Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. (C.PM), both of which have become recognized independent challengers and leaders in industries with long histories of non-competitive environments.

The company strives to improve the lives of Filipinos. UDENNA consistently does various operations through direct financial support and giving commodities through the Udenna Foundation. UCARE, or CommUnity Care, is an Udenna Foundation program that seeks synergies among Udenna’s various companies to feed, protect, and transport the community during COVID.


The UDENNA Group of Companies is led by Udenna Corporation (UDENNA). Its majority-owned subsidiary, Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp., distributes and retails petroleum products and lubricants under the Phoenix brand, and it is also involved in shipping and logistics. The group’s recent expansion has allowed it to grow enormously and broaden its business portfolio, which now includes property development, education, cuisine, gaming, tourism, infrastructure, and telecommunications. Visit for more information.

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