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NCR, Makati — Spokesperson for the SAVii Workplace intelligence Office, Jenn Simons, was invited to speak on PMAP’s People Manager on-cam Live broadcast about lessons people leaders can learn from the “Employee Exodus.” 

Simons leads SAVii’s Workplace Intelligence team. She says the Employee Exodus (or the American “Great Resignation” ) is here. She shared the latest Philippine Statistics Authority Labor Statistics (PSA) disclosure that employee-initiated resignations due to personal problems were at record highs. 

They accounted for 40% of separations both in 2020 and 2021, a noticeable difference  in comparison to the previous year. In addition, 14% of people went AWOL in 2019, compared to less than 10% the year before. “We’ve seen an astounding rise over the last two years. And I believe that’s why we’re now calling it an Exodus,” she continued.

But employee engagement can combat this exodus.”When employee engagement levels rise, SAVii sees people staying at firms for longer periods of time.” Simons told PMAP. “People managers around the world have become more conscious that engaged employees are more valuable, more loyal- which is why HR leaders will continue to implement and improve employee engagement, despite the challenges, particularly in the hybrid workplace.” she added.

SAVii, supports a customer pool of over 400,000 employees from some of the country’s largest companies. As a partner of HR leaders to pursue meaningful employee engagements, SAVii Workplace Intelligence conducted a study of 10,000 employees to provide their clients and fellow PMAP members exclusive insights. 

According to the findings, only 67% of the 1,600 separated employees sampled had new jobs when they resigned. The top reason was an increase in salary (44% of respondents). For 26% of respondents, “office location and changes in work-from-home policy” was their reason for leaving. 

We see it at SAVii as no longer just an HR issue; it’s also a business challenge and it’s time for HR to reintroduce humanization to cope with it. 

SAVii recognizes that employee wellbeing is at the heart of its relationship with clients. To ensure employee wellbeing remains at the center of these turbulent times, SAVii’s spokesperson shared some advice from Anthony Klotz, who coined the phrase “Great Resignation” last year. 

Working from home has transformed our perspective on life-work intersections and what we seek from both. As we restore to normal following the pandemic, we must recognize that our businesses and workplaces must integrate  the humanity of our workers. When assessing your policies to address the exodus, consider: 

  1. What’s important to both my employees and my organization?
  2. Do performance evaluations reflect this?
  3. Do my benefits packages reflect this?

Watch the whole interview with Jenn on PMAP’s Facebook page. Keep an eye out for additional research from SAVii workplace market intelligence for more employee insights.

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