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Top PH startup makes India debut at HR conference

SAVii, the salary finance platform servicing 400,000 employees, was featured at the most recent People Matters Conference on 10th February. People Matters’ virtual conferences bring together thousands of talent leaders across the globe to find solutions to the most pressing talent challenges. SAVii was invited to discuss their solutions as a response to pandemic disruptions. 

Building a resilient workforce 

Covid-19 has affected all three drivers of workforce productivity: time, talent and energy. According to the International Labour Organization, global working hours declined by 4.6 percent, equivalent to 130 million full-time jobs. In India and across the developing world this resulted in an increase in financial pressure. Speakers from SAVii showcased their 4.5-year track record of empowering employees to see their salary as their most practical and accessible financial asset. 

“Employee well-being is threatened by financial demands, and Earned Wage Access is an innovation that matches workers’ day-to-day needs.” Explains Liam Grealish, SAVii CEO and Founder. “This builds a resilient workforce that can maintain focus and engagement to the benefit of business”. 

Including the Most Worried Workers 

Though no workplace was untouched by the pandemic, workers with bad credit or without a credit history were hit the hardest. This segment had no safe options to cover expenses between paychecks. Predatory lenders thrive in this environment, increasing the risk to workers’ mental health while money worries remove focus from their work. 

SAVii gives all regular employees an affordable, safe and convenient solution with Earned Wage Access. Workers receive their salary in advance in order to cover expenses as they arise- avoiding late payment fees, check bounce fees and high-interest charges. Personal data is safe, payment history is recorded, and HR teams benefit from increased loyalty and productivity.

Employee Wellbeing Serves Business Continuity 

A scripbox survey confirms that 90% Indians identify financial health as having a profound impact on their well-being. Pairing this with survey data that shows 92% of workers with access to SAVii feel more cared for by their employer, it’s clear that the salary finance platform gives HR teams an advantage when recruiting and retaining employees. 

As changes come faster and more frequently than ever, business continuity for employees’ financial well-being is no longer a ‘nice to have’- it’s a ‘must have’ to develop resilience within organizations.

About People Matters: 

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About SAVii 

SAVii Asia is a salary finance platform revolutionizing the employee wellness landscape. Our 100+ corporate employer partners unlock engaged, productive employees with Financial Power at Work. We support over 400,000 employees with safe, convenient and affordable access to earned wages and credit solutions. In the Philippines we also provide FREE covid insurance and mental health support.