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Online shopping was one of the things that kept basic needs met during this prolonged pandemic. Notifications from delivery riders informing us that our items are on their way to us are often the brightest moments in our isolated days. Ninja Van makes this happen and that’s why every Filipino online consumer is familiar with this game changing logistics brand. They pride themselves on reliability and delivering our orders on schedule.

During the holidays, they even launched the “Pinabilis para sa Pasko” campaign, emphasizing their efforts to provide fast and great customer service.

Ninja Van, now embraced as one of the largest courier and logistics services in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, began operations in the country in 2016 and has since expanded to service nearly 100% of the nation. Over the last five years, their expansion has been tremendous, with total deliveries exceeding one million in 2018.

With so many logistics providers to select from, Ninja Van Philippines stands out by constantly enhancing its core delivery business and client experience. Innovation and technology drive their success as e-commerce continues to dominate and the desire for faster and more dependable logistic partners increases. The company has launched new services such as COD Advance, Ninja Direct, and Ninja Point. These are meant to make digital adoption easier for their customers.

Ninja Van’s commitment extends to their staff of over 8,000 drivers and riders. They have taken on SAVii (previously known as Uploan), an employee salary loan benefit, to help their employees with immediate financial requirements made more likely during the pandemic.

“We are proud to reinforce Ninja Van’s commitment to their employees by providing financial solutions that are always available online and can be trusted to deliver during tough times”  says Liam Grealish, CEO and Founder of SAVii.

During our recent partnership, it was encouraging to hear from Ninja Van’s HR leaders that SAVII had been taken on board as their long-awaited salary finance partner, which is clearly what their “ka-ninjas” have been waiting for. Together with Ninja Van, we are fully committed to our goal of changing lives, one parcel at a time.

Ninja Van is devoted to providing further logistical services and outstanding customer service to Filipinos in the next few years.

About Ninja Van Philippines

Ninja Van is a technologically advanced logistics company that offers hassle-free delivery services to businesses of all sizes throughout Southeast Asia. Their purpose is to connect Southeast Asia to a world of  possibilities.. To learn more, go to

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