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Max’s is a household name for serving some of the best fried chicken in the country. But Max’s group has become known for more than just serving fried chicken, pizza and doughnuts to customers throughout the years. It has also ventured into food manufacturing, merging three commissaries in Luzon into a single new center in Carmona, Cavite. The centralized facility to service its 600-store domestic network.

In an article published by Business World, Robert Ramon F. Trota, President and CEO of Max’s Group, Inc. (MGI), stated that the company’s portfolio demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. 

“Despite ongoing challenges both locally and internationally, including heightened restrictions in (2021), we take pride in the growth surge we achieved, particularly with our renewed focus on our ‘core of core’ brands of Max’s Restaurant, Pancake House, Yellow Cab Pizza Co., and Krispy Kreme,” Mr. Trota said.

When the pandemic first broke out, MGI took care of its people and their franchisee communities. The group donated 100,000 meals to medical front-liners in more than 50 hospitals. Even when operations had to be halted, the group ensured that its people would have enough funds for the coming months. One of their efforts to ensure this while protecting their operating cash flow during a challenging time for retail food service was to depend on their existing employee benefit providers. 

“Their dedication and concern for their employees and the community is remarkable.”  SAVii founder and CEO Liam Grealish said during a celebration of SAVii’s third Anniversary with the food conglomerate.  

SAVii is a salary finance provider that aims to transform people’s lives by giving them financial power at work. SAVii has been helping employers in developing a future-ready community in their workplace, ensuring that employees are engaged, motivated, and happy.

“Before the pandemic hit, we strove to provide a safer emergency finance solution for hardworking quick food service team members with no credit history.” Grealish describes the partnership. “Our support to Max’s Group is centered around HR’s objectives to keep their team well. When the pandemic hit the food and beverage industry, it hit hard. Our services expanded to include financial education, mental health webinars, and free COVID insurance coverage to all their employees. We’re really proud to have made over 10 Million pesos worth of insurance available to their employees over these three years, and look forward to supporting this local legend of a team for more years to come” He continued.  

MGI opened 11 new stores between January and March 2018, including two Yellow Cab Pizza locations in Brunei and Vietnam. This brings the Company’s overall store count to 679, with 57 spread across North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

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About Max’s Group 

PMax’s Group, Inc., began with its main brand, Max’s Restaurant, a simple roadside diner in the founders’ house. A modest gesture of welcoming American GIs with Fried Chicken in 1945 gave rise to a proud global Filipino institution. Max’s Group, Inc. is the Philippines’ largest casual dining restaurant corporation. By 2025, it aspires to be the foremost Filipino corporation with the most popular brands. For additional information, see their website.