Kenny Rogers Roasters continues to provide deliciously healthy meals

Photo from Kenny Rogers’ Philippines Facebook Page

A new year has arrived, and we are once again making resolutions, with being fit and healthy at the top of everyone’s list. Start achieving this goal by making small choices to eat better.

Kenny Rogers Roasters makes this choice easy for you with menus that are not only delicious but also healthy. Last year, Kenny’s Beyond Burger, a meat free burger, was introduced. This revolutionary meal features Beyond Meat’s grilled plant-based burger patty. The patty is high in plant-based protein, low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free, and hormone-free.

To continue offering healthy meals to its consumers during the pandemic, Kenny Rogers Roasters opened its first drive-thru restaurant in Antipolo City in the fourth quarter of 2021.

“Kenny Rogers Roasters has always been committed to offering deliciously healthy meals to its customers in a safe and convenient manner, especially with the still ongoing pandemic. The first-ever drive-thru in Antipolo City is one of the ways in ensuring we are providing all means possible for customers to get their Kenny Rogers favorites worry-free, safe, and convenient,” said Lorent Adrias, Kenny Rogers Roasters’ marketing director. 

This new take out option also keeps Kenny Rogers employees safer by reducing human contact. “At SAVii, we prioritize our customer employees’ pandemic needs to match Kenny Rogers’ high level of commitment to their staff.” said SAVii CEO and Founder Liam Grealish, who is currently celebrating the first year anniversary of their partnership with the Epicurean Group (the local parent company of Kenny Rogers Roasters). 

Just like the Epicurean group, SAVii continues to innovate to nudge customers toward healthier choices. The financial technology firm began providing salary financed employee benefits to the Epicurean Group Philippines team in January 2020, and has since added mental health and covid-19 webinars to their on demand financial assistance services. 

About Epicurean Group Philippines

In the Philippines, Epicurean Partners Exchange, Inc. is the master franchisee of Kenny Rogers Roasters. They currently run over 40 Kenny Rogers eateries across the country. Kenny Rogers Roasters serves rotisserie roasted chicken, baby back ribs, grilled burgers, fillets, and sausages, as well as a variety of freshly created side dishes. Kenny Rogers Roasters is proud to have the healthiest product line of any restaurant company in the country. “Deliciously healthy” is on their logo and in their consciousness. To learn more, go to

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SAVii is revolutionizing the employee wellness landscape. Our 100+ corporate employer partners get data insight that can help manage attrition and unlock engaged, productive employees. We support over 400,000 employees with safe, convenient and affordable loans, advances and mental health support. Connect with us @SAViiPH or learn more at