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Steve Sy, CEO of Great Deals, and William Chiongbian II, CEO of Fast Group, sign the contract for the companies’ strategic partnership.
Image Credits: Great Deals

Since the onset of the pandemic, the majority of Filipinos have turned to online shopping as a kind of therapy. Clicking the “add to cart” button provides a short respite from all of our worries. 

Great Deals E-commerce enabled this quick and uncomplicated online purchasing experience. Shopping has never been easier or more exciting.

Great Deals is one of the few businesses that has thrived in the aftermath of the pandemic. Its revenue increased to 4.4 billion pesos ($92 million) last year from 1 billion pesos in 2019, and the company expects to increase that amount this year. According to founder and CEO Steve Sy in an article published by Yahoo News, Great Deals now operates just in the Philippines but intends to expand regionally next year.

With their commitment to upgrade the shopping experience in the country, Great Deals have been the driving force behind the launch of numerous prominent global companies’ online retail operations in the Philippines.

They have nurtured their employees with the same care that they have shown to their customers. One way of showing their concern is by having SAVii as their employee financial benefits partner to assist their employees with their financial worries.

“Seeing the success of Great Deals and how they are driving employment in the Philippines despite the economic crisis was uplifting; we are honored and motivated to be able to provide financial support to improve the lives of their employees”, said Liam Grealish, CEO and Founder of SAVii. 

From a modest office in 2014 to now having a 3,000 sqm headquarters in Quezon City, it’s proof that the company lives by its core values of Tapat – doing the right thing even when no one is looking, Malasakit – having a sense of ownership, and Gawa – dedication to deliver.

Great Deals instills its core values in its employees in order for them to achieve their purpose of enhancing Filipino lives through the Digital Economy. 

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Great Deals E-Commerce Corporation is the Philippines’ leading e-distributor, catering to multinational companies. addressing the demands of brands as they advance online. Great Deals E-commerce Corporation, in response to the country’s e-commerce expansion, provides end-to-end chances to realize the full potential of a brand’s e-commerce capabilities. To learn more, go to

Great Deals, founded in 2014, is one of the country’s most well-known startup enterprises. It offers full-service business solutions such as digital marketing, content creation, storefront administration, web design, business analytics, and customer service, as well as warehousing and peak-scale fulfillment.

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