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EEI Corporation, one of the Philippines’ largest construction corporations, has endured the test of time.  They have now been in existence for 90 years and have taken a major step toward being involved in the construction of public infrastructure the Philippines requires to meet development goals. 

This year, over 10,000 employees will be hired by the firm as the Philippine economy picks up and EEI participates in bidding for projects from the private and public sector. Growth and availability of skilled workers drives the company’s success, but the company’s vision, purpose, and values form and motivate its accomplishments. The organization values the preservation of safety and the conservation of the environment. EEI is a firm believer in the protection of human lives, property, and the environment. It has been their objective to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve, and they cherish their employees and partners as their most valuable assets

“We really take good care of our employees and their families. This has been highlighted during this pandemic when employees were housed, fed and paid their full salaries and wages despite no production during the ECQ [enhanced community quarantine] lockdowns,” Reynaldo Dizon, EEI Vice President for HR management shared with Business Mirror last December. “We are also among the few construction companies investing in the protection of project workers through group life and accident insurance,” he added.

One of their newest employee benefit partners is SAVii, the first salary finance provider to offer FREE Covid insurance. 

“Partnering with EEI as their employee benefit is a valuable experience for SAVii. We admire EEI Corporation and its leadership team for thriving over decades and generating livelihood for so many Filipinos,” Liam Grealish, CEO of SAVii says. “Such meaningful employment has built a culture of highly motivated and productive employees, and we’re pleased to be able to contribute to the reduction of money worries and enhance wellbeing,” Grealish adds

SAVii has given free COVID insurance coverage to EEI employees since the beginning of their partnership, as well as mental health and financial education webinars, along with safe and convenient salary financing. Furthermore, in this partnership with SAVii, EEI is one of the first companies in the country to extend these benefits even to their project-based employees.

EEI will continue to use its expertise to innovate, use new technology, develop new approaches, and find better ways to improve the lives of the communities they serve.

About EEI Corporation

EEI CORPORATION is one of the leading construction companies in the Philippines. EEI has a broad range of construction and engineering services, with expertise in the construction of infrastructure, buildings, and industrial and electromechanical facilities. Years of contracting and collaborating with global contractors, particularly in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific countries, have enabled EEI to achieve world-caliber project management expertise and competencies in all fields and disciplines of construction. Visit  for more information.

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