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Bo’s Coffee is celebrating its 26th year in business. As part of its long-standing tradition, the local café business is celebrating its silver anniversary by giving back to coffee farmers. Inspired by his travels, Bo’s Coffee CEO Steve Benitez envisioned establishing a local coffee house chain that would promote world-class Filipino coffee while also helping local growers and demonstrating the values and hospitality that are frequently associated with Filipino culture.

Bo’s Coffee promotes employee professional growth by providing training opportunities. Furthermore, the company’s rewards and benefits, such as healthcare and financial support, have greatly benefited its employees.

“Bo’s Coffee’s mission to uplift the lives of local coffee producers is such a meaningful cause in the lives of many indigenious farmers in the Philippines. We congratulate them for continuously pursuing their mission for the past 26 years. We are beyond proud to have had them as a partner of ours for the past 3 years as we help their employees improve their lives through affordable, convenient and reliable solutions at no cost to the company. “says Liam Grealish, CEO and Founder of SAVii.

With a proven source of sustainable competitive advantage, the business has also grown abroad, beginning with a café in Doha, Qatar, in the Middle East, where there is a significant population of foreign Filipino workers. Bo’s Coffee has rapidly spread throughout the archipelago and now has over 100 outlets in the country, making it the largest homegrown coffee brand in the Philippines.

With modest beginnings and a bright future, Bo’s Coffee remains committed to putting more cups of outstanding Philippine-grown coffee in the hands of more Filipinos. They have also promoted new businesses and social entrepreneurs by selling agricultural products and food in their stores.

About Bo’s Coffee

Bo’s Coffee’s coffee and service are a monument to their strong love for the country. On June 28, 1996, they were founded by Steve Benitez and have developed a platform for new businesses and social enterprises to bring Philippine Coffee and Filipino tradition to the world spotlight. For additional information, go to their website.

About SAVii

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