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Alliance Select Foods Multinational, Inc.(ASFII) is a homegrown international seafood company. Their HR is determined to support individuals and groups inside as well as outside of its community to better their lives and provide opportunities.

“SAVii is proud to contribute to ASFII’s positive workplace culture based on employee equity, equality and rewards.” Says SAVii Founder and CEO Liam Grealish. “The partnership we have supports HR’s drive to develop and engage their employees as the company expands. We are privileged to help ease financial difficulties as they arise. ” Grealish adds. SAVii has provided ASFII’s employees with financial services, FREE medical insurance and employee wellness support. The partnership is in its 3rd year. 

ASFII’s mission program involves caring for its employees and encouraging them to lead healthy lives. As a result, ASFII is recognized by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), Internal Control System (ICS), and Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) as dedicated and compliant with its social responsibility program. ASFII encourages its supply chain partners to uphold and respect employees’ rights and fair labor standards.

Likewise, SAVii, a salary finance platform, aims to improve employees’ lives by providing employees with no existing credit histories access to the financial power of work. As a company that values its employees. ASFII partnered with SAVii to provide their employees with secure, convenient and affordable financial services. ASFII employees describe their workplace as a comfortable environment that motivates them to learn and grow their competencies.


ASFII is a publicly listed company founded in 2003. It started doing business in General Santos City, Mindanao, Philippines. In 2006, the company went public on the Philippine Stock Exchange via an initial public offering. It was renamed Alliance Select Foods International, Inc. in 2010. ASFII is now well-known globally as a producer of high-quality canned tuna made from carefully selected and sustainably sourced components. To know more, go to their website at

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