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Anywhere you are in the Philippines, for sure, there’s an Andok’s outlet near you. 

When Andok’s Corporation CEO and Owner Leonardo “Sandy” Javier, Jr. decided to open his first Andok’s branch on West Avenue in 1985, selling whole chickens cooked over charcoal, he had to borrow 12 chicks from his mother’s acquaintance. Sandy Javier persevered in the face of adversity until his Andok’s Litson Manok business thrived, he paid off his loan, and those 12 birds grew to a daily inventory of 80 birds! 

Andok’s constantly modifies their menu to adapt to a changing cravings of Filipinos in order to remain competitive and current. In fact, in June 2021, they astonished many of their customers with a new product, “Litson Baka.” This particular meal became a trend, with customers lining up to test this new menu they offered. The Litson Baka is soft and juicy, with a signature flavor that is similar to the taste of roasted chicken and liempo, according to the posts of their patrons on social networks.

Hard work pays off as explained by Sandy Javier Jr., who was named one of the country’s most influential business leaders in 2017 by PLDT. “You know, if you don’t create growth, it’s less meaningful. So we take care of our people so that each time we open a business, a lot of people benefit from it”.   

“SAVii is honored to support Andok’s initiatives to take care of their people.”  Says SAVii CEO and Founder Liam Grealish. “Providing on demand financial assistance to a team that continues to innovate while strengthening their place in Filipinos hearts as a homegrown legend in the local food tradition is something we take great pride in.” 

Grealish’s innovative employee benefit company started providing financial education and financial services to the Andok’s team in December of 2020.  

About Andok’s Corporation

Andok’s is built on passion, love for what you do, perseverance, and common sense are the  qualities to develop the delightful and now famous ‘Litson Manok,’ which is popular throughout the Philippines. Andok’s is an amazing example of a small business that has grown to become a Filipino institution. From a little corner shop in Quezon City that sold only 12 roasted chickens on its first day, the business has expanded to over 300 take-out and dine-in locations around the country. Visit their website to learn more

About SAVii

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