For a Seamless Application Experience

Interest rates starts at 0.5%
We get you the best possible interest rate for your specific profile. Super flexible loan terms range from 1 month to 3 months. Only your Company ID, payslips, Aadhar and PAN details is required.

90% Approval rate safeguards everyone
Replace informal lenders with SAVii to protect from late fees and risks to privacy. We help you recover from bad credit and build your credit history for a better future. A credit record is not a requirement.

Instant Access to pay you’ve earned
There’s no need to wait until payday! You can avoid interest costs, late fees, and check bounce fees with your salary, in advance of your salary pay out.

No interest billed
0% interest charged and a one-month repayment term allows you to cover short term financial emergencies, cover unexpected costs without additional fees, and reach the next level of financial freedom.

Repayment via Salary

Convenient automated settlements via payroll deduction are visible to HR and approved within 24 hours. Requested funds are delivered to the bank account or e-wallet of our borrower’s choice. Application and repayment updates are always visible on an employee dashboard, and our dedicated customer service
team handles all borrower questions. 

Our dedicated team is committed
to delivering the best borrowing experience.

Customer Satisfaction