The Indian Staffing Federation (ISF) is bringing together over 200+ delegates from various industries for focused discussions on changing employment trends at their 14th National Employment Conference: Future of Work. As a supporting partner, SAVii was invited to attend the conference. The discussions will center on evolving regulations that may result in difficult but exciting changes in how the Indian economy addresses employment frameworks.

At this conference, SAVii will have the opportunity to showcase its brand as a new employee wellness provider in India and connect with other conference attendees.

“I am pleased to meet various industry leaders from staffing organizations through this conference, discussing their sentiments on the future of the workforce. “It was great to hear straight from these leaders that inclusion and wellness of the workforce garnered a lot of attention and set a clear understanding and awareness,” said Prakash Jangir, SAVii’s Head of Partnerships and Alliances.

SAVii brings affordable, dependable, and convenient employment-related financial solutions. To provide the most secure credit solution for each employee, we use HR data and the salary link. This unlocks financial power at work and transforms lives at no cost to employers.

SAVii’s employment-linked solution aims to contribute to a better India by protecting employees from predatory lending, which harms mental health. Furthermore, SAVii strives to improve employee financial behaviors and well-being, enabling them to increase productivity and morale.


About Indian Staffing Federation’s National Employment Conference

The conference delves into interconnected factors influencing the future of work and staffing, both of which are radically changing. To address this efficiently, leaders from government, human resources, services, and the employment industry will exchange ideas on how they can collaborate and innovate to engage talent with tomorrow’s businesses and enhance social protection through pragmatic policies.

Indian Staffing Federation (ISF)

The mission of ISF is to improve long-term growth and ensure its continued ability to make positive contributions to the economy and society through the staffing industry’s services. The Federation’s primary focus will be triangular employment relationships in which the staffing company employs a temporary worker who works under the supervision of the user company. To learn more, go to

About SAVii

SAVii Asia is an employment linked services platform that puts employers at the center of financial inclusion. Our 100+ corporate employer partners get data insight that can help manage attrition and unlock engaged, productive employees. We support over 420,000 employees with safe, convenient, and affordable loans, advances, and mental health support. Connect with us on or find out more at