How it Works

For your Business

1 | Speak with Our Team

Learn how we reduce financial stress within your organization while protecting employee debt to income ratio. Then finalize an agreement confirming no cost or obligation for your organization beyond salary deductions.

2 | Implementation Meeting

Confirm how to communicate with your employees.

3 | Launch of Services

Our team onboards your employees with print and webinar materials that we create about financial services.

Unlock Financial Power at Work and

transform lives with ongoing programs

Then, enjoy quarterly business reviews for insight into employee behavior while our customer service team manages all employee enquiries. There is no cost or obligation to employers outside of the integrated salary deduction.

How it Works

For your Employees

Sign Up for an employee dashboard account (sign up is available only to employees of SAVii partner employers)

When you need financial assistance, submit your Company ID, payslips, Aadhar and PAN details to apply for for a Salary Loan or Salary Advance.

Monitor application status updates and repayments on your employee dashboard.

Explore the comprehensive FAQs for instant solutions to most common questions.