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Delivering an excellent customer experience is really important to us. We’re constantly developing improvements in order to deliver the most convenient and reliable service to the employees of our partner companies. 

SAVii provides answers to the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page. Alternatively, you can alsocomplete this form and submit your concern to alert our customer service agents that you require assistance. 

The customer service escalation procedure and resolution policy detailed below is observed by SAVii in the pursuit of our continuous efforts to serve our valuable partner employee customers and most effectively address customer concerns.

I. Objective

The  customer service escalation procedure and resolution policy aims to minimize instances of customer dissatisfaction through transparency. We detail our operational practices below in order to ensure you understand how we aim to resolve each concern promptly.

II. Principles
  •  All SAVii customers are treated respectfully, and fairly, without bias.
  • All matters raised by SAVii customers are dealt with promptly and with respect.
  • SAVii customers are clearly communicated with, using simple English. 
  • SAVii customer service team members will clearly communicate possible remedies, and alternative support mechanisms for the customer.
III. Raising concerns
  • Customers can raise a concern in a number of ways using, verbal, or electronic message intake mechanisms as detailed in this policy.
  • Customers must identify themselves to enable the concern to be investigated and resolved. Anonymous concerns will not be entertained.
  • Customer concerns will be analyzed from all possible angles. Concerns shall be resolved in a proper and time bound manner, as per the defined turnaround times detailed in this policy. Where a concern is unable to be resolved within specified timeframes, the customer complainant will be updated in regular intervals regarding the case submitted.
  • SAVii provides answers to the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page. This FAQ page is designed to support SAVii customers through the most commonly raised concerns. 
  • Customers can contact our Customer Service Agents to address concerns through 

The Submit a Concern form, or make a call to +919986729877  

  • If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided even after contacting the three above concern resolution channels, the concern may directly approach the Nodal Officer, giving full details of the concern on the below mentioned address:

Nodal Officer
Email id: nodalofficer@savii.io
Phone: +919986729877

Please detail

  • Concern Ticket number
  • Reason for dissatisfaction
  • Application number
  • Company Name
  • Screenshot/Screen Recording if possible (If your issue/concern is technical)

If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided after contacting the above concern resolution channels, the concerned may directly approach the Apollo Nodal Officer:

Email id: 
Phone: 022-62231667/68

IV. Turn Around Time (TAT) for concern Redressal
Level Contact Person No. of working days
First Customer Service Agent  20
Second Nodal Officer 30


In case the customer is not satisfied by the response provided by Nodal Officer, or in case the grievance is not redressed within a period of one month from the date of its first submission, then he/she may adhere to other recourse as suggested by the Company.

V. Handling Customer concerns
  • All customers registering a concern will get an appropriate acknowledgement of the same from SAVii, depending on the channel through which the concern is received.
  • All concerns from employee customers  shall be logged formally within company tools to manage concerns, i.e. the  Submit a Concern form.
  • Through this tool, SAVii shall ensure that all the concerns received are recorded and resolved and shall also ensure effective monitoring to the senior functionary responsible so as to make sure that no concern remains unresolved.
  • Once captured in the company tools, the customer service team is responsible for resolution of the concern/grievance to the customer’s satisfaction. Every attempt will be made to offer the customer suitable and appropriate alternate solutions wherever possible. However, if the customer continues to remain dissatisfied with the resolution, the concern escalation procedures and timelines as referred above may be utilized. 

Customer suggestions for improvement of our services are received warmly. The feedback we receive from you is used as valuable input for reviewing and improving SAVii products and services to meet future customer requirements.