The festival season brings perfect opportunities to create personal touchpoints with clients and employees, strengthening relationships with them. For employers, it’s also a time to show extra appreciation to hardworking employees towards the end of the year and highlight their contributions to the company. 

The Diwali season is extra special as it also symbolizes a new beginning and victory over one’s hardships. There are many extravagant gifts that could help you show your appreciation for employees. But you can also use this gift-giving season to be creative and purposeful with your gifts, giving your people immeasurable value that goes beyond the Diwali season. Here are recommendations for best Diwali gifts for employees. 

Eco-friendly company swag

Be a trendsetter of sustainable Diwali gifts and choose eco-friendly company swag that your brand, clients, and employees will enjoy. Some amazing ideas of company swag are jackets, t-shirts, and hoodies made of organic cotton, hemp, linen, wool, and silk. You can also consider wooden tumblers, backpacks made of recycled polyester fabric, stainless steel water bottles, and bamboo cutlery. 

You can also stay “on theme” with your Diwali gift options and offer work-related items such as a stone paper notebook, natural grass pen, cap, jute tote bag, juice boxes, bamboo fiber lunch box, or a tiny plant in a pot to bring a touch of Mother Nature to your employee’s office space. 

Organic home spa kit

No one is immune to stress. This festive season is the perfect time to relax and you can curate a customized rejuvenation kit to help your employees do just that. A self-care kit is a great way to offer employees with a quick spa experience to recover from a busy work day. 

Products to include in a rejuvenation kit are essential oils, aromatic candles, herbal teas, face packs, face masks, face scrubs, luxe body scrubs, and more. To make the gift unique, you can also add a bamboo tea infuser and strainer, cork coasters, coconut bowls, and more. 

Digital gift vouchers

If you want to go on a paperless route with your gifts, e-vouchers are perfect. Your employees will definitely appreciate vouchers for discounts, freebies, and other offers from their favorite shops and ecommerce stores. Giving e-vouchers also gives you plenty of room to personalize your gift. You can mix and match multiple vouchers and match them to your employees’ preferences. 

Gourmet foodie kit

A healthy kit of delicious goodies for your employees will impress them and their taste buds. Choose healthy items like tea, juice, exotic dried fruits, bite-sized desserts, or some snacks on-the-go. Add products in a combination of sweet and sour items to take your employees on a fun and flavorful journey. 

A robust employee benefits program

Showing appreciation to your employees isn’t just for the festive season. Extend your gratitude by giving them holistic employee benefits that can transform their life for the better. This Diwali is the perfect occasion to introduce work perks that can be used throughout their employment tenure with you. It can be as simple as extra days off, allowances, club or gym memberships, mental health services, or financial support as an add-on program. These gifts will go a long way and will have a deeper, positive impact. Giving them opportunities to take care of their various personal needs perfectly captures the spirit of Diwali: the triumph over one’s worries. 


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