Unlock Financial

Power at Work

Leverage your salary to cover unexpected emergencies, manage day to day expenses and improve budgeting capabilities with Early Wage Access at no cost to your employer.

Unlock Financial Power at Work

Leverage your salary to cover unexpected emergencies, manage day-to-day expenses and improve budgeting capabilities with Early Wage Access at no cost to your employer.

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What we’ve learned from our Customers…

Financial Insecurity

They currently experience high levels of financial stress.

Impact to Productivity

They think about financial problems between 5-10 times at work.

Employee Wellness

With access to SAVii, they feel more cared for by their employer.


Benefits to your Employees

Transform your team with the best financial option for each employee. Our HR-endorsed salary linked solutions are fast, always online, and keep employees happy. Each account comes with free learning programs to pursue on demand and a dashboard that details everything.


No Late fees*

FREE On demand learning


Always online

Great customer reviews


Fast Application Approval

Dashboard shows you everything

*applicable to active partnerships without special conditions

**90% of eligible employees are approved

Benefits to your Business

HR teams lower employee stress and increase productivity with SAVii. We deliver the right financial option for every employee while keeping you in control.


No cost or liability

Protect everyone from predatory lenders


Easy to set up and manage

Customer support for your employees included

No additional HR tasks


Keep working capital safe

Track and access the correct portion of earned pay

Trusted by 100+ Awesome Corporations
Join 400,000 Employees

SAVii is transforming lives every day by bringing you financial power at work. 

We’re helping you build a future-ready community in your workplace,
keeping employees focused, motivated and feeling well.

 Here’s what they Say

I applied for a loan for my wife’s pregnancy, we had to buy things for the newborn, and thankfully we survived our first child! The service from SAVii (formerly Uploan) is good enough, the processing was fast and when I had questions, they answered my emails right away.

Adonis Lucto Amparo

I needed that money then to use as an emergency fund, really. I needed to pay my Meralco electricity bill and internet so it really did help a lot. I didnt have a hard time with the application so I’d say I’m fully satisfied with the process.

Shairra Galvez

The loan was beneficial for my whole family since I was able to fix our house with the funds. And since I have my own family now with kids, I want to have a better home. And it’s rainy season also, so I secured the whole house already. For the application process, if I can give it a score, I would recommend a 10.

John Carlo Mojeca Ducut

Due to the pandemic situation, I loaned for extra funds I needed to send to the province for my family which was very helpful. And I’m very satisfied with the process because it was fast.

Dulce Fe Gawad

I used the loan for home improvement. It was a big help because there was part of my house that I had to fix. Now we’ve been able to buy materials to start working on it. During the application, there was a heads up about when the loan would be released to me and the status of my loan was clear – either approved or not. The disbursement was within 24 hours and I was satisfied. If I need a loan badly in the future I will loan again because the interest rate is much lower compared to other lending companies.

Maria Cristina Divina Ruado

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