The pandemic has forced us to understand how we can keep our employees engaged virtually. This episode extends the discussion with HR Leaders across industries from last week’s episode.  HR Leaders shared specific initiatives that can achieve employee’s well-being as the starting point of successful engagement. 
They explained and tackled the current situation of our homes becoming our office. Given this current reality, companies need to now consider extending efforts to the whole household when building work strategies and benefits. 
This safeguards employees against the fear of the unknown, and shows them that they can lean on the company for support.

Here are a few ideas of how you can revolutionize your employee engagement plans for 2022

  • Manage expectations regarding responding to work related messages outside of work hours – this can be difficult with younger team members, but it’s worth the effort to create a distinct boundary between work time and family time, specially while there is only one venue for both. 
  • Simple Gestures Matter – making a personal connection at catch up meetings is essential in keeping your employees invested in their teams and in your organization. 
  • Boost your remote work strategies – work at home is here to stay, extend benefits to the family and the whole household in order to ensure your employees have a beneficial working environment. 
  • Start shifting to a results-based approach – consider evaluating employees based on achievement milestones and the company’s goals instead of monitoring attendance, limiting job descriptions or hours worked. 

Join us on this “virtual coffee break” with our HR expert guests and hear all the juicy details of how they’re planning for 2022 on episode 20. Listen here: